About Us

NTAIC is a corporate Commonwealth entity, established under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (Northern Territory) 1976, and designed in partnership with Aboriginal Territorians. Our purpose is to work with Aboriginal Territorians to achieve economic, social and cultural impact through innovative approaches to investments, beneficial payments and other financial assistance. To support this, we have initial grant funding of $180 million and an investment corpus of $500 million. Our Aboriginal-controlled board share a vision of self-determination, with Aboriginal Territorians at the centre of NTAIC’s work.

Barunga Festival 2023 by J Govan

Grants Program – changes

NTAIC has been out listening to our communities, businesses and organisations about how we can best make Aboriginal-led grants and investments.

During our consultations, Aboriginal Territorians called for changes to the way we do grants, and we have listened.  

NTAIC is closing its current Grants Program on the 1 February 2024.

All grant applications already submitted to NTAIC, and those received by 1 February 2024, will be considered under the current NTAIC Grants Guidelines. 

Next year, we will launch a new Grants Program with better access and supports, including a stream of quick response grants and separate funding buckets for community and businesses.

Our new Grants Program will launch in May 2024. Further details on the new program and guidelines will be available from March through to April 2024. 

For more information, please contact our grants team: grants@ntaic.org.au, or phone 1800 943 039.

Strategic Investment Plan

Throughout 2023-24, we will be engaging with Aboriginal people and Aboriginal organisations in the NT for grants, investments and financial assistance. These consultations will help to inform the NTAIC’s Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP will state our priorities and principal objectives in relation to NTAIC’s investment and grants. 

SIP Consultations in Katherine