About Us

NTAIC is a corporate Commonwealth entity, established under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (Northern Territory) 1976, and designed in partnership with Aboriginal Territorians.

Our purpose is to work with Aboriginal Territorians to achieve economic, social and cultural impact through innovative approaches to investments, beneficial payments and other financial assistance.

To support this, we have initial grant funding of $180 million and an investment corpus of $500 million. Our Aboriginal-controlled board share a vision of self-determination, with Aboriginal Territorians at the centre of NTAIC’s work.

Our Vision

Working together to build sustainable investments, through growing jobs and businesses, strengthening cultural maintenance and progressing self-determination to create wealth for our future generations of Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory.

Our Values

We are one voice who:

  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and courage;
  • Recognise and respect the Northern Territory’s diverse Aboriginal cultural values, customs and lore;
  • Show respect to each other and to our communities, partners and stakeholders;
  • Make decisions that are fair, carefully considered, equitable and transparent;
  • Bring a community development approach to the way we work;
  • Promote innovation and creativity.
Photo of Cooinda Kakadu Nation Park NT