NTAIC Communique – November 2022 Board Meeting

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The NT Aboriginal Investment Corporation (NTAIC) commenced on 15 November 2022, with the Board meeting over 17-18 November on Larrakia Country in Darwin.

This is an exciting and momentous occasion, with decision making around how Aboriginals Benefit Account grants funding is spent and managed, now transitioning to the Aboriginal led Board. The Board is unanimous in its vision for strengthening cultural maintenance and self-determination through grants and sustainable investments. Our grants will enable Aboriginal Territorians to create jobs and grow their businesses for the betterment of Aboriginal people in the Territory now and for future generations.

The Board is focussed on ensuring the NTAIC grants program opens in March 2023, following the recent completion of the final funding round of the government-led ABA grant program on 2 October 2022. The Board has agreed initial elements of the new grants program, which will deliver up to $60 million in grant funding to Aboriginal Corporations in the NT for projects contributing to culture, communities, businesses and land and sea Country. The NTAIC grants process will continue to develop over time. Keep an eye on the NTAIC’s website for more updates about the NTAIC Grants program and how you can apply in early 2023.

The NTAIC Board acknowledges and appreciates the outgoing ABA Advisory Committee members for their invaluable and considered advocacy and advice to government over a number of years. The ABAAC has a 70 year history of advocating for the interests of Aboriginal Territorians. The Board acknowledges all former members’ contributions past and present. Their work has paved the way for the creation of the NTAIC.

The NTAIC is continuing this tradition by establishing a Grants Committee to ensure local perspectives from across the NT continue to support grants decision making. We are placing decision making back in the hands of Aboriginal representatives, empowering the Grants Committee to approve, not just to advise, on grants up to $1 million.

The Board also started planning for the delivery of its Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), which will set out the principles and priorities for its investment and grant programs. Acting CEO Ms Leeanne Caton, will lead widespread engagement with Aboriginal people in the NT throughout 2023 to hear what communities want the NTAIC to fund. The Board is excited to hear from a broad range of people, communities and organisations in taking forward this important piece of work.

The Board has agreed its logo, which is based on Ms Evelyn Young’s winning artwork from the NTAIC Art Competition. The logo was designed by graphic designer and artist, Cian McCue, a Larrakia man with Malak Malak and Yanyuwa bloodlines.

The Board agreed important governance documents to ensure the NTAIC’s money is spent effectively. NTAIC’s temporary office location is 66 Smith Street Darwin. Its new home will be announced in early 2023.