Our Artwork and Logo

Artwork by Evelyn Young
Desert Flower by Evelyn Young

We held a competition with Aboriginal artists across the Northern Territory to inspire the creation of our NTAIC logo. Ms Evelyn Young from Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) in Central Australia won the competition.

“This painting is about my country – the area around the Simpson Desert. I have tried to express the beauty of this country; the colours of the desert, the rocks and flowers. The different colours and designs represent the contrast in the country itself. The Simpson Desert has always been my family’s country. I hear it call to me. It is a place of beauty and I wanted to try and share it.”p

Logo by Moogie Down Productions

Moogie Down Productions designed our logo using Ms Young’s Desert Flower artwork to inspire a concept that is representative of all the Northern Territory’s regions and peoples. The colour palette incorporates the desert colours of Evelyn’s original artwork, and the blue tones of saltwater to symbolise desert and sea Country. Moogie Down incorporated more artistic elements synonymous with the Top End and Saltwater Country to create balance with the Central Australian artwork at the centre of the logo.

Moogie Down Creative Director, Cian Mungatj McCue, is a Larrakia man with Mulluk-mulluk and Yanyuwa bloodlines. Emma Woodhouse is a Darwin-based Larrakia graphic designer with 25+ years’ experience in the industry. Moogie Down is a 100 per cent Aboriginal-owned creative agency based in Darwin who specialise in storytelling and visual communication through film, graphic design and visual and digital art.